1.How does EMILLY work??

EMILLY works on 4 simple steps-Evaluate, Plan, Learn, and Certify. EMILLY has divided English language learning into short sessions based on daily conversations and real life scenarios for easy learning. Our method is unique and highly effective, try us to experience the difference.

2.Is online learning as effective as face-to-face classes?

Of course it is! In a face-to-face class you have limited time with a teacher, who in turn can only provide you with limited resources. EMILLY removes those limits and offers you a gamut of interactive activities with instant feedback on all your attempted questions. Enjoy unlimited learning benefits with EMILLY’S state of art self-learning tools and master English language just like your mother tongue.

3.Do I need a lot of technical knowledge?

Not at all. All your learning needs will be taken care of. You’ll be provided with the required software, microphone and speakers or headset. The instructions are easy and will help you travel smoothly from one session to the other. EMILLY’s study plan gives an overview of all the learning objectives of every session to help you understand the course as a whole.

4.What if I am a beginner?

Our learning solution is made up of 12 units based on day to day conversations and real life scenarios. You can start by learning the basics of Spoken English, and then gradually improve your skills and confidence from there on. And with instructions available in Hindi language, you won't have to worry about anything.

5.What if I am just looking to improve my existing English skills?

Many of our users have studied English before joining us, and are attracted to our learning solutions because of our unique features of Spoken English. EMILLY begins with a proficiency test that helps to detect weak areas in Listening, Vocabulary, Grammar and Writing. From there, we'll steadily build and improve your existing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. EMILLY also helps you to learn at your own convenience by offering you ‘Guided mode’ and ‘Study at your own pace mode’.

6.What equipment do I need to study online?

EMILLY is available on a web and as an Android app. To ensure you have the best experience in our course, we recommend that you download the latest version of your browser, Flash Player and Java software. You'll need an internet connection to use our course; however you can download some sessions on your mobile device to study when you're not connected. To use our pronunciation tool, you'll need a microphone, and speakers or a headset for your device. We'll help you get set up as soon as you join.

7.Can someone help me if I need support?

Our support team is just a call away. You can also reach us via e-mail at support@emilly.com.

8.What kind of online and digital study tools are available on EMILLY?

One of the many benefits of learning online with EMILLY is the variety of learning tools and materials available online and on android app. Our academic and technical experts have collaborated to create unique tools to learn, practice and test your English skills.

9. What is the difference between Unit and Master Tests?

At the end of every unit, you will have to take a test based on the content of that particular unit. This test is called the Unit Test, while the Master test will cover the content of the all the 12 units.

10. What is an Analysis Report?

The results of the tests that you complete are recorded in your analysis report, which you can always have an access to. You can view your progress report from the Analytic section.

11. When does my subscription access start?

Your subscription begins immediately upon confirmation of your payment.

12. How does the study trial work?

We offer a free trial to anyone who has never experienced EMILLY before. We believe that trying our course sessions is the best way to understand how effective they really are. To activate your trial, we ask you to provide some identity information which will be processed securely. Once that process is completed, you access EMILLY instantly. Our free trial access remains active for seven days or at the completion of two units.

13. How do I continue learning after my trial ends?

Once your trial offer expires, you would be required to purchase EMILLY’s package to continue your learning till the validity of your purchased package expires.

14. Will you keep my information safe?

The security of your personal information is very important to us. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we have received it. You can find out more information by reading our Privacy Policy.

15. Which is the best version browser to use EMILLY website?

EMILLY is best accessed on Firefox 47 as features like audio recording and Audio/video controls may malfunction in other browsers.

16. What are the additional hardware required to use EMILLY website?

No additional hardware is required except for a good microphone with recording settings enabled.

17. When I click on the record button in the application, a dialog box appears with the message “Would you like to share your microphone with www.emilly.com?” What should I do?

Please select “Share Selected device” with the Microphone selected in the drop down.

18. How do I use my EMILLY Cash?

You can use your EMILLY Cash while purchasing package. Note:On your first purchase, You can only use 150 EMILLY Cash. On next purchase,you can use your all EMILLY Cash.

19. Can I use the EMILLY Cash for cash amount?

No, the EMILLY Cash cannot be converted into currency/amount.