Words You’re Perhaps Saying Wrong

Phonetics in English are an altogether unique ball game. Words are often spelt differently from how they are pronounced, and we see an example of it in this very sentence – ‘often’ – in which ‘t’ is silent under the common usage. Many a times, similar looking words are pronounced differently, for example, the group ‘-ough’ has a different sound in ‘tough’, in ‘through’ and in ‘cough’. Baffling, isn’t it?
There are some words, ordinarily in use, which are routinely mispronounced. Presenting here a list, which will come handy for both, newbies and long-time English speakers. Check how many were rightly known to you!
1. Wednesday
If you were pronouncing it as ‘Wed-nuss-day’, then you need to change it immediately! The correct pronunciation is – ‘Wens-day’. The ‘d’ is absolutely silent.
2. Data
The word does not rhyme with ‘Bata’! You need to pronounce it as ‘day-ta’ (with day as in ‘Wednesday’)
3. Executive
A lot of people add a ‘cute’ touch to this word, but that needs to end. The correct pronunciation of this is – ‘eggs-ek-uh-tiv’. Just say it out loud, and you will get it!
4. Develop
A very important, commonly used word, with all kinds of pronunciations out there. This one is pronounced as ‘di-ve-lup’ (last syllable to rhyme with ‘up’). Stress on the middle syllable.
5. Truth
The main vowel sound in case of this word is long. Pronounce it to rhyme with ‘booth’.
6. Monk
Almost everyone pronounces this wrong! The word rhymes exactly with how it is pronounced in the first half of the word ‘monkey’. So, it is a ‘munk’, and does not have an ‘o’ in the vowel sounds as against the common usage.
7. Cache
A very dear word for the IT community. Simply pronounce this as ‘cash’ and not ‘cash-ay’.
8. Arctic
Some people skip pronouncing the first ‘c’ in this word. This simplest of words is pronounced just as it is spelt – ‘Arc-tik’.
9. Espresso
What you need in the morning is not as ‘ex-presso’ but an ‘es-presso’. That commonly used ‘x’ sound actually doesn’t exist in the correct pronunciation.
10. Pronunciation
Ironical, but lot of people mispronounce this word itself. While many mistakenly say it aloud as ‘pronounce-iation’, but it should simply be said, ‘pru-nun-si-ay-shun’. Remembering the correct pronunciation will also prevent you from misspelling it.
We’ll come back with another set of such words. Till then, affix these in your spoken English memory.

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