What it takes to master English

The importance of English language in present times is evident by the jobs that require fluency in English as the primary criteria. English has become a prerequisite for entry into premier educational institutes as well as pursue good career.

However, teaching English to those for whom it is not the mother tongue is a daunting task. Especially to adults, whose learning capability is not as good as that of children, teaching a new language offers a lot of challenge? Here are a few important checkpoints in English language training that can ease the task for students.

Engaging in conversations: Engaging in conversations is a proven mode of enhancing English proficiency as the new learner gets ample opportunities to use words while getting to listen to other person speaking as well. While it is easy to engage children in English conversation in class, adults usually have reservations in doing so. An ideal language training program aims at making learners converse and thus hone their skills.

Reading literal English translations of text from a known language is important more so in case of adult learners. Since adults are well versed with a single language which forms a strong mother tongue influence on their speech, they need to be acquainted to new language via the old language only.

Practicing pronunciation with reading: To make learners learn correct form of English requires introducing them to correct pronunciation, context and usage at the same time of teaching a new word.

Using audio-visual media: Using technology and audio-visual media for acquainting learners with a new language is an innovative technique to equip users with language skills. For this purpose, using recorded lessons, podcasts is a very resourceful method.

Getting accustomed to colloquial English: To make a learner eloquent in English, multimedia makes a very important tool. Using excerpts from real time conversation is a unique tool to make a learner fully conversant in English.

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