English tips for Learners

English has become one of the most important criteria in the modern day professional environment. The importance of English can perhaps be realized from the fact that prestigious tests like SAT, GRE and GMAT have more than half of its weightage for English skills. Almost all the universities check students for English comprehension through tests like IELTS, TOEFL etc.

A few important tips that students and professionals can follow to hone their English comprehension skills are:

Reading: Reading has always been one of the best sources of gaining expertise in language. For students and professionals, reading can be done on various platforms like computers, mobile phones etc.

Watching news and Television: Another way of gaining expertise in English language is to watch English news and see television programs in English language. This gives a learner expertise to colloquial English and thus makes him/her better conversant in the language.

English learning mobile Apps: Various Apps aimed at helping students with vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar etc. can be downloaded from internet. Certain apps offer audio recording feature for the students which enables them to check their pronunciation.

Vocabulary building exercise: Learners can scribble or save various unknown words encountered in everyday life and then check out the dictionary for the same. Such exercises are an easy way of honing formal English which is very useful in jobs.

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