English Communication skills

English is the most spoken language in the world after Mandarin and Spanish. However, when compared to the other two languages, it is the most widely used means of communicating globally. Here are a few reasons why English learning is important in the present times:

Most understood Language in the world: While English is third in the list of number of native speakers, it is definitely the most understood language globally. It has 1500 million speakers followed by French on the second number with 274 million speakers.

Professional standards: Due to the emergence of multinational companies and steadfast growth in number of jobs offered by these, English is being given more importance than ever. Due to high influx of jobs and business from foreign markets, having good English has become imperative to grow professionally.

Global medium of education: Most of the universities, even in non-English speaking countries, offer courses with English as the medium of communication. Courses with high number of international student intake are offered in English globally.

Business and Trade: English is used in Business and Trade just like in education. Since most of the corporates function globally, English primarily serves as the central means of communication.

Globalization: Due to globalization and confluence of so many cultures and languages, the significance of English communication skills is more important than ever.

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